Breakfast in London

Our long journey to India and my extended trip to Taiwan began the other day at the airport. For those of you who don’t know my friend Kiran and I are both travelling to India together and staying in his parents empty flat in Mumbai where our plan is to travel and work remotely while away.

We started the trip like any other true Canadian and had our last Tim Hortons at the airport. My two sisters dropped off and Kiran’s mom accompanied us as well.


We arrived in London on our way to Mumbai and quickly checked our bags into an Excess Baggage kiosk and got our day passes for the tube to take advantage of our 10 hour layover. The passes were about 9 pounds. We headed straight for some of the common touristy sites and to get some badly needed breakfast.

Our “English” breakfast was had at a French cafe and bakery near the river called Le Pain Quotidien.

We walked towards the London Eye which was unfortunately closed and then continued to walk over to see Big Ben and West Minister Abby.


What surprised me were how common telephone booths were in the area. Maybe left for fashion or aesthetics.


We also quickly walked by Downing Street to see where the prime minister lived and then headed to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.


Since we’d both been the London before the day was more set out to kill some time before our next long haul flight to Mumbai.

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  1. Interesting choice of a blog title haha. You got some really nice shots. Looking forward to reading more about your future adventures!!

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